"Economic Development Committee of Pilot Point, I want to thank each and every one of you for the opportunity to work with you it was a real pleasure working with a group of people that care as much as I do about the future of the City of Pilot Point. It is tremendous that you have an organization such as yours that is not only committed to the growth of Pilot Point, but have established funds to assist local business with their improvement and growth. I am very fortunate and thankful for the $5000 grant you award me. The grant was very helpful in purchasing and installing a new digital sign in front of my business property. I am sure it will attract new sales and increased business to Pilot Point." Gayland Johnson, Pilot Point Center

We hosted a meeting in our offices, to discuss our long term interests to remain and build in the Pilot Point area; and the EDC members were quite supportive and responsive. We got immediate references to granting agencies with interest in our field, and agreed to stay in contact to work on the longer term, more strategic issues. Most impressively, we mentioned almost as an aside some frustrations we had been experiencing with the local Internet Service Provider; and the provider appeared the very next day to implement a lasting fix that solved our problems! David Lanciault, President & CEO of Agricen Sciences

We relocated our production and management facilities from the Dallas area to Pilot Point, TX in the Spring of 2015. Pilot Point is strategically located in North Texas near major metropolitan areas of Denton, Forth Worth, and Dallas and convenient to I-35. Due in large part to the cooperation of numerous city agencies and the people of Pilot Point, our business has grown tremendously since we relocated. Fortunately, Pilot Point has a motivated and hard-working labor pool to support our continued growth. We are proud to be part of such a vibrant and growing community and look forward to many years of success together. John Straits, JEM Beverage Company