Downtown Project Updates

The Pilot Point Municipal Development District, in conjunction with Eikon Consulting Group architecture firm and Tegrity Contractors, is excited to breathe new life into two historic spaces in our historic downtown, as well as adding additional parking to assist with events and regular traffic in downtown Pilot Point.

There are three pieces encompassing this project to bring needed renovated spaces into our downtown: a 54-space parking lot (located next to City Hall), the Historic Ice House (located at 123 E Main) and Central Hall (formerly the Central Christian Church, located at 201 E Liberty Street). Construction began on these projects in early 2022 and they are slated to be complete in 2023.

Historic Ice House

The Historic Ice House (located at 123 E Main) was donated to the City of Pilot Point following its use as an ice distribution center in the 1930s. It had been used for storage for several years. The MDD, in cooperation with the City of Pilot Point, is renovating it for use in downtown events. It will contain public restrooms, a small vendor space, additional parking, and exterior booth spaces for use during the annual Pilot Point Main Street Farmers Market.

This undated photo will serve as the inspiration for the exterior of the Ice House.
Proposed floor plans for the exterior and interior of the Ice House, includes a few parking spaces, festival booth spaces for future Main Street events, ADA accessibility, restrooms and a small museum and vendor area.


Central Christian Church

The Central Christian Church (located at 201 E Liberty) was donated to the Pilot Point Economic Development Corporation (now the Pilot Point MDD) after operating as a church since the early 20th century. It will become a vibrant space for live entertainment, as well as a rental facility for private events and weddings.

The current floor plan includes reconstructed entry points with ADA accessibility, new staging area for performances and a completely redone kitchen area and restrooms.

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