Top 5 2024 Business Resolutions

And now, we bid adieu to 2023. As we approach huge development and growth here in Pilot Point, we are ready to help your business get off the ground, or continue to help you grow and flourish. Either way, let’s set some achievable business resolutions, ready to make 2024 the best year yet for you and your small business!

  1. Communicate more effectively with your customers

How do your primary customers like to be contacted? Do they prefer an in-person meeting to see how you can help them, is it a newsletter or email blast, or is social media the ticket to keep them informed and engaged?

Communication should be a primary focus of your marketing plan, and January is a great month to take a look at that and revamp if it necessary. Check out these great tips from on establishing your branding and your digital marketing plans and really start drumming up that business!

If social media is going to be part of your marketing plans (and quite frankly, it absolutely should be), check out our series on Social Media for Your Business! Part 1: Pick Your Social Media | Part 2: Go All In on Imagery | Part 3: Organize Your Content

(Also, psst: don’t forget about your internal communications as well. Keeping in touch with your employees on their needs and ideas is a great way to keep your top assets happy.)

  1. Use the MDD Resources

We here at the Pilot Point Municipal Development District want to help you. It’s true. And this site that you’re currently on (, in case you clicked over from a link elsewhere) is chock full of great help for you to take your business to the next level.

  1. Think local for your business needs

We all know how easy it is to just order from Amazon and BAM! Prime has your needs at your door the next day. We’ve all done it. But this year, think about other local businesses that you could patronize!

See our business listings to find a local spot to assist your business in 2023.

  1. Focus on your and your employees’ professional development

What’s the best way to have people consider your business when they themselves need something? Networking! There are a plethora of local networking opportunities, from the Chamber of Commerce gatherings to the PointBank Business Breakfast.

Every month, we throw together a blog on that month’s local business gatherings, networking opportunities and webinars to enhance your business. Check out the workshops from the Texas Woman’s Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Continuing Education courses from NCTC, the Coffee + Convo and Lunch + Learn events from Stoke Denton or find a webinar from the Small Business Expo! Better yet – network with other local businesses through the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce!

Do you want your employees to continue to better their skillset? (Duh, the answer better be yes.) Don’t forget to encourage them to take advantage of professional development opportunities, whether it’s conferences in their area of expertise, or even online webinars. There are so many opportunities for learning out there that can take anywhere from a few hours to a week. Here’s some spots for enhanced learning online: LinkedIn Learning  |  Texas Economic Development Small Business Webinars  |  Small Business Expo SBU Online

  1. Transform your work space

You want your office to be a welcoming space, both where you want to work and where you want people to feel comfortable and inviting. Personalize your space with artwork, posters, family photos and decor. If you have a pretty sunny window, add some plants to give a pop of greenery to your office (and don’t forget to water them – in fact, there’s no shame in going the fake route if you don’t possess a green thumb.) If your office will permit it, give your walls a coat of paint (or do the ever-popular accent wall). If January’s a slow time of year for you, maybe it’s time to rearrange your office completely to give it a totally new look and feel!

Need more ideas? See 50 Ways to Improve your Office Environment from Outback Team Building & Training.

Don’t forget occasionally to treat yo’self, amazing small business owners! See some resolutions for the owners themselves from Temple University.