Gallop to Greatness with these Unique Equine Services

We all know that we live in the heart of Horse Country here in Pilot Point.

We’ve got all the elements of agribusiness here: beautiful sprawling horse ranches of every breed and discipline, veterinarians to keep them in tip-top shape, insurance for the beautiful ranches and animals, companies that make trailers to move them around and saddleries for tack and more.

But what about those unique businesses that cater to the horse ranches that you may not have thought of? We’ve got those too!

Horseback Riding: Black Mustang Ranch / 4 Fillies Farm

Looking to actually experience horse country from the back of a horse? We’ve got two spots for you to go horseback riding!

Black Mustang Ranch offers guided rides through Lake Ray Roberts State Park. You can go on picnic rides, take a swim in the lake to cool off and enjoy the beautiful state park trails with Monica! Read more from our sister site on this ranch and book your trail ride today!

For those wanting more of a horseback riding lesson for children under 13, check out 4 Fillies Farm! This facility offers year-round lessons, camps and even hosts birthday parties.

Black Mustang Ranch |  817-915-8455 |

4 Fillies Farm |  940-391-4293 |

Therapeutic Riding: Equihope / Blue Sky

Equine therapy is a beautiful way to connect with an animal while also improving certain skills.

For those with disabilities, there are options here in Pilot Point to help improve coordination, balance, strength, self-esteem, anxiety and communication.

Equihope has PATH-certified instructors and assists riders with everything from riding skills to horse care and life skills through their lessons. They will work with individual riders to meet their needs and become a part of their overall therapy goals.

Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding offers equine therapy for those with special needs, contributing positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social therapies required.

Equihope | 972-382-9096 |

Blue Sky Therapeutic Riding | 469-450-9594 |

Chiropractor: Healthy Gait

One of the newest businesses to town, Dr. Kayla Richer with Healthy Gait specializes in Equine Massage and Chiropractic treatments. She has a variety of certifications and degrees ensuring that she provides the best quality care for equines through her mobile service, where she will visit the farm and treat the horse on site.

Healthy Gait | 940-703-5199 |

Water Therapy: Equine Salt Water Therapy

Just the second equine spa in the United States to utilize a cold saltwater spa, Equine Salt Water Therapy is here for horses as they rehab from injuries and chronic conditions. They are equipped with an Aqua Pacer for equine conditioning, an Equaspa for cold saltwater therapy and a hydrotherapy lap pool for low-impact exercise following surgeries.

Equine Salt Water Therapy |  940-390-6521 |

Get a gander at our local businesses that cater to agribusiness at our Find a Business page.