Get Social for your Business | Part 3: Organize your Content

In our previous Get Social blogs, we went over what social media channels you should choose for your business and best imagery practices. Now it’s time to take that Content Management a step further.

It may seem like a completely daunting task, coming up with something to say about your business a few times a week.

But if you want to get serious about your digital presence, a content calendar is a great first step to getting yourself organized.

You don’t need anything fancy. Even just a simple monthly desk calendar can suffice, or a Google spreadsheet. From there, start with filling in basic pieces of content:

  • National Days / Weeks that pertain to your business (i.e. National Taco Week)
  • Holidays that you want to recognize, from federal holidays like Memorial Day to business anniversaries
  • Company birthdays and anniversaries

From there, fill in your evergreen pieces of content. Revisit the blog on imagery. Remind yourself what kinds of stories you want to tell about your business – from items you offer and services you provide to the employees that make your business operate smoothly. As you continue to build your image library with these pieces of content that can be reused, it will be easier to fill in your content calendar every month.

Even though you have evergreen pieces, don’t forget to continue to take additional images and file them away to add to your image library, so you are not using the same image over and over again.

Taking an hour at the beginning of the month to build your content calendar for the month will save you countless hours down the road. Now that you’ve got your content all planned out, it’s simple to just take a few minutes at the beginning of your morning to write up your post and get it scheduled. Or schedule your content for an entire week and not have to worry about it!

But don’t forget about interaction. Simply putting a post online isn’t enough. You also need to have alerts turned on so you can monitor your social media. As you get more content going out, you will likely get more questions and interactions. It is important to react or answer questions that you receive to avoid getting negative feedback that you are ignoring your potential customers.

As you settle in to content creation and how to fit in a content calendar into your marketing mix of digital media, it will get easier. Just keep building content and pay attention to the analytics to see what speaks to your audience and what doesn’t. Since everyone’s audience and customer base is different, trial and error may be needed before you find the right mix. Then you’ll truly be on your way to a successful digital marketing presence!

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