Business Spotlight: Pilot Point Florist

Welcome to our new video series, where we will take you for behind-the-scenes peeks at our amazing local businesses here in Pilot Point!

Pilot Point Florist, 740 E Liberty, is the primary provider of beautiful florals and plants for Pilot Point’s weddings, funerals, high school dances and holidays. Also including a vast array of great gifts, owner Lee Ann Ray has built the business since taking it over 20 years ago.

Question: When did you take over Pilot Point Florist?

A: We took it over in the fall of 2000. I had worked in the shop while I was going to college, went on to pursue other things and then the owner was ready to sell the shop and wanted to know if I wanted to come home. It was the best decision I ever made.

Q: What makes Pilot Point home for you?

A: This is home. I was born and raised here, my parents were born and raised here. This is a home town.

Q: What are some of your favorite types of events to do?

A: We do all sorts of events. We are very involved in the school, doing graduations and rose-cutting that they do. Of course, Valentine’s Day is the biggest one holiday that we have. It’s a one-day holiday. Mother’s Day we love, because we spread it out all week and make people happy. Of course, there’s the weddings. We’re in full-blown wedding season now. We love all of it. Our clients become our friends, and then they become family. We love what we do here.

Q: What has been one of your more memorable events?

A: We did a big wedding a few years ago, during the pandemic. We were lucky enough to get to have the wedding. It was a year in the making of planning. We had the best bride we could ever ask for and it was very laid back. We had a marvelous crew that came in and helped us. We would do it all again tomorrow.

Q: What are some events or holidays that are unexpected best sellers?

A: It really depends. We do all sorts of arrangements. We do plants and gift baskets for any occasion. The cut flowers are more Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day. In the fall, it’s plants that people can put in their yards. We do all kinds.

Q: What are some of your more affordable options?

A: We have a wide range for everybody. We can do the large events. We also wrap a lot of flowers. We can do a $5 bouquet to give out at cheerleader tryouts or dance recitals. Any price range, we’re able to work with and we can help anybody out.

Pilot Point Florist

740 E Liberty St | 940-686-2238 | | Pilot Point Florist Facebook

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