Business Spotlight: Martin General Store

Welcome to our new video series, where we will take you for behind-the-scenes peeks at our amazing local businesses here in Pilot Point!

Martin General Store, 101 S Jefferson, has been a staple on the Pilot Point Square since it opened in 2018. Owner Allison Martin gave us a quick peek at her store and chatted with us about her inspiration for the store and why she picked Pilot Point to start the next chapter of her life.

Question: What was your inspiration for the store?

Answer: As long as I can remember, from when my son was starting elementary school, I always wanted my own small store. I was fascinated by this candle shop and I would go in there and look around and just want my own store. Living and working in Plano and Frisco, it just never happened. After 20-plus years in my job as a paralegal, I was kinda miserable. So I went to a bank and a mortgage company, and I was still miserable. So it was time to make it happen.

Q: What are some of your best-selling items?

A: The jams and salsas, barbecue sauce and dressings. There are repeat customers for those. The Arbuckles’ Coffee is a huge seller as well. Lazy One is surprising me. It’s the second-top-selling item in 2021. They make great presents.

Q: How much do you love interacting with the public that comes in here?

A: Shopping for the store is my favorite, but that’s my second-favorite. Talking to people when they come in. I love the repeat customers and the customers who are really Pilot Point. At the beginning, I feared that the store wasn’t going to make it, but I had enough repeat local customers to keep my doors open. I’m very grateful for them.

Q: How important was it to you to be right on the Square?

A: It was very important to be here. I wanted to find a historic downtown area. I used to drive to Jefferson, TX and I loved their downtown area. I wanted to continue to be closer to home, because of my grandkids. So Pilot Point was the number one place I wanted to be.

Q: Why Pilot Point?

A: I did my elementary school in Pilot Point. My mother remarried and my stepfather was from Texas and had a relative who lived in this area. In high school, I had friends in Pilot Point, I dated a boy from Pilot Point. It’s always been an area I loved – those Sunday drives through the backroads, I always ended up in Pilot Point. Looking around, especially at the old house we lived in and stuff like that.

Martin General Store

101 S Jefferson | 940-324-6068 | @martingeneralstore on Facebook and Instagram

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