5 Ways to Go Green in your business this St. Patrick’s Day

This year, may the Luck of the Irish be with you for St. Patrick’s Day. Don’t just don your green polo next Wednesday – think of some ways you can start being more energy-efficient in your business. According to Chron.com, making just a few minor adjustments to be more environmentally friendly can help improve employee morale and reduce your business expenses.

  1. Reduce one-use items

Sport your logo on a reusable stainless steel water bottle or coffee cup for a beverage at your desk! Reducing the number of single-use paper coffee cups and water bottles will help to reduce the more than 250 tons of waste produced by the United States in 2017.

Where to get? Anchor Graphics | Notoriously Yours

  1. Reduce water usage

With the recent winter weather, many Texans suffered from burst pipes and other plumbing calamities. Taking the time to fix these issues can pay dividends when you see your water bill at the end of the month!

Local plumbers: Capital Plumbing

  1. Recycle unused materials

Did you just complete a big project, but you didn’t quite use all of the lumber and other materials? Find a worthy cause for those. Bonus: you can even write it off as a donation on your tax returns!

BONUS: Don’t miss the Pilot Point Trash-Off! Help us clean up our city and recycle your old electronics, yard waste, car parts and get those documents shredded. The Trash Off will be in various locations on Saturday, April 23.

Where to donate? Denton County Habitat for Humanity

  1. Go to the Cloud

As we’ve all probably learned within the last year, sometimes we are forced to work remotely. This can lead to big problems when we are unable to access critical documents that are stored on a work server. These massive local servers also take quite a bit of electricity to power. However, the bonuses of a cloud-based server include the reduction of this power need, plus the ability for your employees to access their files from anywhere with an Internet connection!

Cloud-based servers include Dropbox | Google Drive | Microsoft OneDrive | Apple iCloud

  1. Go local

One incredibly easy way to go green is to support local! By reducing your trips to other towns to pick up supplies, your carbon footprint drops significantly AND you’ve supported a fellow local Pilot Point resident.

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