Top 5 2021 Pilot Point Resolutions

As the year 2020 winds down (and good riddance, am I right?), we’ve got some resolutions to ring in for 2021!

1. Write your marketing plan

You all wrote your business plan during December, right? After all, it was Write a Business Plan Month! Now that your business plan is a go, you definitely need to establish a marketing plan to get your business off the ground. Check out these great tips from on establishing your branding, various digital marketing plans from social media to email campaigns and really start drumming up that business!

2. Set realistic goals

We all want our businesses to become successful right off the bat. But for those just starting out, it’s not always going to happen right away. Chron has some great short- and long-term goals for a business to help you establish reachable benchmarks.

3. Think local for your business needs

We all know how easy it is to just order from Amazon and BAM! Prime has your needs at your door the next day. We’ve all done it. But this year, think about other local businesses that you could patronize!

See our business listings to find a local spot to assist your business in 2021.

4. Focus on your employees

As established in 2020, when the world comes to a crashing halt, your employees are the backbone that keeps your business going. Show them a little love and they’ll keep right on trucking for you! Employee Appreciation Days are wonderful, but keeping your employees engaged and appreciated year around is crucial. Check out some employee engagement ideas from Money Crashers!

5. Improve your skills

You don’t have to break the bank to keep learning new things about business expansion! Check out the workshops from the Texas Woman’s Center for Women Entrepreneurs, Continuing Education courses from NCTC, the Coffee + Convo and Lunch + Learn events from Stoke Denton or find a webinar from the Small Business Expo! Better yet – network with other local businesses through the Pilot Point Chamber of Commerce!

Congrats to everyone for surviving 2020. Check out some other tips from The Balance Small Business to not just survive, but thrive, in 2021!